Jets Coach Rex Ryan Is The NHL’s Most Confused Fan

rex ryan jersey confusionRex Ryan wearing a Philadelphia Flyers jersey to an NHL game between the Florida Panthers and the Carolina Hurricanes.  Do enigmas get any bigger than this?

No, they do not.  After all, there aren’t many things in this world bigger than Ryan these days, with dinosaurs being extinct and all.  So what was going on here?  Both NHL, NFL and sports fans in general were left asking themselves several questions after seeing the New York Jets coach at the RBC Center:

1.  What was Rex Ryan doing at an NHL game?

2.  Of all the games to attend, why one between the Panthers and Hurricanes in Raleigh?

3.  Why was he wearing a Flyers jersey if they weren’t even playing in the game?

Thankfully, the Storm Squad was there to help him out and provide him with a Canes jersey.  However, that did raise another question…

Couldn’t they have got him a larger jersey?  I guess there were no XXXXL’s lying around at the time.

rex ryan canes 1rex ryan canes 3

rex ryan canes 2rex ryan canes 4

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