Even The Cops Enjoy Extreme Street Snowboarding (Video)

Even The Cops Enjoy Extreme Street SnowboardingWhen it comes to amateur makeshift extreme sports, it is obvious that some ideas are well thought out, and others simply are not.  When you attempt to pull a a person on a boogie board with a mini dirt bike across asphalt, the results may not be all that pleasing.  As for being towed by a minivan through the snowy streets on your snowboard, that sounds like an idea that may actually work.

The streets of Washington, D.C. was the perfect place to try what I will refer to as Extreme Street Snowboarding, following a giant snowstorm which has rocked the Atlantic coast.  With the streets and sidewalks covered in tons of fresh white snow, many residents in these areas decided to stay indoors, but these individuals had other plans.

Taking advantage of the conditions, they set out, video camera in hand, and even had some spectators following their every move.  Oddly enough, those spectators were the cops, and I think it is safe to say that they enjoyed the show.

We think you will too.

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