John Wall’s Misspelled “KENTCUKY” Jersey

Perhaps spelling the name on the back of the jersey was so easy that the people at Nike simply got lazy when it came to spelling the name on the front of it.  After all, as the #3 team in the nation you have to think they would have seen the name “Kentucky” enough times to know how to spell it.

So when John Wall was captured in this image for the cover of Slam Magazine with “KENTCUKY” printed across his chest, it was not hard to figure out that an error had been made.  I guess the printing machines at Nike are not yet equipped with spell check.

Thanks to photoshop, it is doubtful that the error will be seen on the cover of the magazine once it is released, but that will not stop us from labeling this as yet another Jersey Fail.

john wall jersey fail 3

Hat Tip – [Twitpic] via [SportsByBrooks]

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