What Was This Fan Trying To tell Jordan Staal?

jordan staal caps fan

There may be a glass separating spectators from players, but that has not stopped hockey fans from engaging in a war of words with players from the visiting team.  However, the need for hand signals and sign language at times can cause some confusion as to what these fans are actually trying to say.

The universal signal for oral sex is not hard to distinguish, but what was this Caps fan trying to tell Jordan Staal Sunday afternoon when the Pens were in town to take on the Washington Capitals?  Upon first look, it seems as though he was providing Stall with measurements of the Penguins’ center’s penis.  Surprisingly, that was not the case.  There is actually much more to it.

Here is the real story, as told by the fan on the right sitting next to the Penguins bench:

My brother and his son were next to me. I had been talking with Staal for about half the game, basically telling him that his brother was better, and maybe if he scored, he would be as good. The seat I was sitting in is literally right next to the Pittsburgh bench, and there is about a 2-to-3 inch space, so it’s easy to hold a conversation.

Staal was laughing off what we were saying. (I think because we kept it clean, and in good fun.) After he scored, he skated over, and put his hand to his ear, basically saying ‘What now, I can’t hear you.’ My brother (in the Caps jersey) was saying with his hand gesture that he needs to do a little more, and that he was basically that close to missing the shot.

I was giving the universal sign for average, shaking my hand back and forth. After Staal sat back on the bench, I said to him that he needed a hat trick to be better than his brother, at which time he said ‘It’s over.’ The great thing for Caps fans, it wasn’t over yet. [The Washington Post]

It is hard to determine who won this trash talking battle.  Staal did manage to silence the crowd with two goals just over a minute apart to put the Pens up 4-1, but that was still not enough as the Caps stormed back to win this one in overtime, 5-4.  With that being said, Staal did do everything he could to prove his critics wrong, but the Caps won, so the decision has to go to the hometown fans in this case.

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