Steve Nash Is The Most Ridiculous Man In The World

nash vitamin waterWhether he is directing a remake of Avatar on the Suns’ team plane, or playing some undercover ball in Beijing, it is easy to see why Steve Nash may in fact be the most ridiculous man in the world.  That is why he is the perfect man for the new Vitamin Water XXX commercial.

The ad is intended to be a parody of the popular Dos Equis commercials, but rather than being “the most interesting man in the world,” Nash is the……. well I guess you already figured that out.

The Suns guard is not the first person to provide a spin-off of the Mexican beer’s popular commercial, but his is easily the most entertaining.  Tricycles, CPR on a squirrel, Elvis and an 80s workout guy?  If that is not ridiculous, I’m not sure what is.