Canadian Olympic Hockey Team Has Their Own Rap Song (Video)

Canadian Olympic Hockey Team Has Their Own Rap SongI bet most if not all of you never thought you’d see the day when Sidney Crosby busts out a rhyme. Well that day is here — sort of — and it comes with some dissing of Alex Ovechkin “You claim to be a playa but I got your cup/had a two-oh series lead and then we [bleeped] you up!” Dig this new track with the (fake) Team Canada players.

“But it’s hard to take you serious with that Mor-o-zov”. This is not only a good rap, it’s comedy gold at the same time. Crosby’s rap is supreme and even better than his famous Crosby dryer, but there are other great lines throughout. I love Iginla’s diss of team USA with his line about the Patrick Kane’s Limo pictures: “Can’t believe you think you got a chance against the best/when your roster looks weaker than Patrick Kane’s chest.”

So we know it’s comedy gold. But will Team Canada take home the real gold from the Vancouver games?

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