Human Trampoline Torpedo (GIF)

Trampoline jump fail

Trampolines are ridiculously fun.  I remember as a kid one of my friends had one and all I wanted to do after school everyday was jump on his trampoline.  In this little gif, all the fun and games involved in trampolines are exposed for how dangerous, and hilarious, they can be.

Now everyone has seen someone fall off a trampoline and get injured to some extent.  What makes this gif doubly entertaining is the crowd of youngsters watching from the peanut gallery.  It appears that this is some sort of lesson in gymnastics on a trampoline, unfortunately the teacher seems to need some lessons of his own.  The spinning jump looks pretty cool at first, but he doesn’t quite land it correctly and his weight causes him to go flying face first right off the trampoline.  Ouch.  Not glass in the head ouch, but ouch nonetheless.  The best is that the rather large group of kids eyes follow the jumper as he goes in the air, comes back down, and then flies off the trampoline.

So what is the lesson to take away from all this?  For starters, don’t take lessons from this guy.  But mostly it means that as much fun as that stuff was as kids, its far more fun to watch a trampoline fail these days than to actually get up there and experience one yourself.

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