Jimmy Johnson Now Sells ExtenZe in New Commercial

Jimmy Johnson Now Sells ExtenZe in New CommercialHow bout them Cowboys?! How bout those…penis enhancement pills? Jimmy Johnson is appearing in a new ad to promote “ExtenZe”, a pill that supposedly increases your size, your pleasure, and I’m sure does housework too.

Seriously — how much money does one person need? Did Jimmy Johnson have some money invested with Bernie Madoff? Does he really need the money? Of all the things your agent can get you to promote, a penis pill is what you agree to? Howie Long sells cars. Michael Strahan sells Subway sandwiches with that goof Jared. And Jimmy Johnson sells “male enhancement” pills that might not even work. They tag the end of their commercial with a disclaimer that says, “Results may vary. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.”

You know what results won’t vary? The constant laughing and ripping on Johnson once the Fox crew gets back together for the upcoming football season. But I do know someone that might want to buy these. The guy on the receiving end of this and the guy that can’t successfully make this “field goal”.

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