Team China Sexual Stretches at the Olympics (Video)

Team China Sexual Stretches at the OlympicsWhat’s Team China preparing for here — some ice dancing or some gang banging?  Take a look at these two Chinese Olympic athletes stretching by the closed concession stand in preparation for Lord knows what competition it is they’re participating in.

The Chinese lady is doing some serious lower back and neck stretches, as if she’s gobbling up some, well, you know what.  Meanwhile, the guy is watching her as he eases the tension on the concession stand wall beside her.

My only concern with this is that she appears to be rushing her stretches while the guy is taking his sweet time, nice and slow.  Girl, that’s exactly how you go about it if you want to do a half ass job and not accomplish anything out there.  Take some pointers from your partner, as he extends his…stretch… out to a full 10-15 seconds for a full muscle warm up.  We don’t want you to pull anything during sex, er, competition.

Either way, I don’t know about you, but this has all been slightly arousing.  Thank you, Olympics.

Hat Tip Video – [BarstoolSports]

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