The Bacon Lombardi Trophy (PIC)

The Bacon Lombardi Trophy

Winning the Super Bowl can be quite surreal, but once you’ve kissed the Lombardi Trophy a couple of times and passed it on to your teammates, what good is it to you?  Does it fill that hunger you have built up in your stomach after a full 60 minute game?

Well now it may, thanks to the Bacon Lombardi Trophy.

It may not have the same shine as the sliver plated version, but all of that grease sure does give it a nice sparkle.  This beautiful piece of bacon artwork was created by Ben “Sweet Lou” Krout for one of the many Super Bowl parties taking place prior to the big game.

Hopefully Jason Whitlock wasn’t the first to get his hands on this big prize.

Hat Tip – [Intentional Foul] via [BBQAddicts]

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