Shaq Turned Down By Shakira (Video)

Shaq Turned Down By ShakiraJudging by their names, you would think Shaq and Shakira would make a perfect couple. The Cleveland Cavaliers center thought the same. Unfortunately, Shakira did not.

The whole scenario took place on NBA All-Star Weekend, which also happened to fall on the same weekend as Valentine’s Day.  Shaq thought he’d take advantage of such perfect timing by presenting the incredibly hot singer with a rose and ask her to be his Valentine.  Unfortunately, Shakira wasn’t feeling Shaq’s vibe, and when she moved out, Craig Sager moved in on an unsuspecting Shaq.

This isn’t the first, or second, embarrassment Shaq has been forced to endure over the past year.  As for Shakira’s excuse, it seems as though the Big Diesel was too big for her liking.

I guess size does matter to her, but not in the same way you would have thought.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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