Was That Jesus Touching The Olympic Flame And Getting Arrested?

jesus torchAs the Olympic joint torch made its way across Canada towards Vancouver for the start of the 2010 Olympic Games, several people came out to witness the event and become part of this memorable experience.  Unfortunately, some were looking to become too much a part of it all, and suffered the wrath of some overly aggressive Olympic officials and the Vancouver police.

I guess the price of a burning hand is a night in jail.

As this man, whom some have refereed to as Jesus (check the YouTube video name), stood by and watched the flame get passed, he felt the need to capture some of that fire, literally.  Little did he know that such an innocent gesture would land him on the ground after several cops and security officials swarmed to take him down.

Is that how they treated Jesus 2000 years ago?  I guess it kind of is.  Some things never change.

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