Letterman’s Top 10 Facts About Curling May Bore You

curling top 10For those of you familiar with the sport of curling, you may already know that it is one of the leading causes of boredom at the Olympic Games. As for those not familiar with the sport, David Letterman is here to inform you about just how boring it actually is with another one of his popular Top 10 Lists.

So just how boring is curling to Letterman?  Apparently his writers had a tough time staying awake while researching it for this list.  Perhaps they should have looked up Jennifer Jones.  This hot Canadian skip is capable of making knitting enjoyable for male viewers.

And if she doesn’t get the testosterone going, we have a feeling that both Austria’s Claudia Toth and Russia’s Liudmila Privivkova will.

Hat Tip – [Fourth-Place Medal]

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