This Cricket Fan Had One Too Many (Video)

This Cricket Fan Had One Too ManyAfter doing some research, we have learned that some variations of the game of cricket can take up to five days.  We are assuming that this match was one of those long ones, and this heavily intoxicated male was drinking right from the start.

This guy was likely attempting to get up for the first time in hours, but those several beers he had taken back during that time unsuspectingly got to his head, causing him to immediately crash to the ground, and into a some spectators seated on the grass in front of him.  Surprisingly, he did display some Adam Voges-like hands as he was able to hang on to his beer.  It continues to amaze me how some individuals can be so drunk that they struggle to maintain their balance while on their feet, yet when it comes to saving a single beer, they are capable of some of the most unbelievable acrobatic maneuvers.

Drunken fans falling over each other and gorgeous women flashing their breasts.  Who knew cricket was such an entertaining sport?

Hat Tip Video – [Unathletic]

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