Tiger Woods Press Conference Parody (Video)

tiger press conference parodyEven with the Olympics hogging most of the attention in the sports world, there has been no silencing the news that Tiger Woods is finally ready to speak to the public about his many bitches mistresses.  The conference also seems to be perfectly timed as it will be televised at 11 AM ET, just prior to the start of Day 8 in Vancouver.

As for what we expect Tiger to say, that is simple. “I am sorry for all of those I have hurt.  I made some bad decisions.  I have no one to blame but myself……”  Such an apology nowadays is not hard to predict.  After all, we have seen several athletes go through this before.  Perhaps that is what makes this Tiger Woods press conference parody so interesting.

“Actually the only thing that I’m sorry for is that I had to wear pants on the tour.  I never got to show the world Tiger’s true wood.”

If only the real Tiger Woods would actually step up and same something like this.

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