Too soon for this Olympic Luge Advertisement?

Is it too soon for this Olympic Luge Advertisement

We can’t help but ask what The Globe and Mail was thinking when they decided to run this advertisement in Tuesday’s edition of the popular Canadian newspaper.  Too soon?  One would have to think so, and if that wasn’t enough, it should also be noted that the ad ran adjacent to an article titled “Games still reeling from shock of luger’s death, VANOC chief says.”  Talk about bad timing!

Games still reeling from shock

We understand that the Canadian Chartered Accountants had bought the ad space and likely designed the publication prior to the tragic accident that took the life of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, but all they really had to do was change the picture to anything else.  A bobsled, or even a skeleton racer would have sufficed.  It may be fair to say that they simply got lazy on this one.

And we though NBC’s thoughtless headline was offensive.  Seems like they aren’t they only ones neglecting to think things through these days.

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