Hitler Has Been Informed Of The USA’s Victory Over Canada

Hitler Has Been Informed Of The USA's Victory Over CanadaThe hockey world is buzzing after the American’s upset Canada in Vancouver during their final round robin game of the men’s tournament, but apparently the word has traveled beyond the ears of hockey fans and has reached as far as Adolf Hitler himself.

Getting on the Hitler Parody bandwagon, last night’s thrilling game between these two North American rivals has become just the latest chapter of this seemingly endless train of humor.  As you may expect, Canadian hockey analysts will become blue in the face breaking this game down from every possible angle.  However, it seems as though Hitler has just about hit the nail square on the head here.

“Who is even on the American team?  They have Ryan Miller and a bunch of second liners from shit teams.”  He couldn’t be more right, but on Sunday night, that was good enough to beat Canada and their four lines of All-Stars.

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