Madeleine Dupont Loses Match & Tears After Canadian Cheers

Madeleine DupontAny sport in the Olympics can get heated – even curling.  Curling, which is a mix of boule and shuffleboard on ice, is one of the Olympic sports many people may not actually think is a sport, but intrigues me the most.  I’ve spent my fair share of time on the shuffleboard table and I know just how heated those games would get.  I can’t imagine doing it on ice, and oh yeah, while representing my country against and in front of the rest of the world!

Color me surprised when I heard that cheering is not usually allowed during the matches except before and after points.  That’s not exactly what the Canadians were doing, as they were yelling during Danish curler, Madeleine Dupont’s final round that she wound up losing.  After the match she said that it was hard to hear her team when she had 6,000 fans hootin’ and hollerin,’ suggesting that was why she lost the match.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how cheering affects curling so much.  It’s not exactly golf.  In every other sport where you need instructions from your teammates and coaches, fans are allowed to yell.  I just don’t understand why curling gets a free pass.

Besides, maybe they weren’t yelling for her to miss.  Perhaps they were yelling because Ms. Dupont is fairly attractive and her nip showed up on the internet last week.

Hat Tip – [Fourth-Place Medal]

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