Squash Players Celebrate By Getting Up In Your Grill

Squash Players Celebrate By Getting Up In Your GrillYou may only know of squash as a not too pleasant tasting vegetable. Or perhaps you are familiar with the sport of Squash. But I’ll bet you didn’t know that squash players celebrate and taunt opposing players like they just made a huge hit in the NFL. Here is Baset Chaudhry, menacing squash player for the now 12-time champion Trinity Bantams.

Chaudhry is lucky that the other player had both class and restraint. I’m surprised he didn’t go off like Jose Offerman on him. But the opposing player showed grace in defeat and was the true sport of this game. Who would have blamed him if he took a swing at Chaudhry? He needs to be commended for that. How many of us would have tried to maul him and bloody him up like BJ Penn did to Diego Sanchez at UFC 107?

The point here is that sometimes you can win when you lose and you can lose when you win. The other point here? Apparently squash players can be dicks too.

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