Vince Carter Hits 86-Foot Shot Sitting Down (Video)

Vince Carter Hits 86-Foot Shot Sitting DownI feel like this is the season of the trick shots in the NBA.  More and more we’re seeing clips of NBA players attempting trick shots during practice  — and, more impressively, they’re making them.   I guess it’s smart now to have your camera always rolling for the next miraculous shot.

Off the top of my head, I’ve seen long range trick shots from Lebron, Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, and Dwight Howard this season.  Countless times, mostly Lebron, they’ve attempted unheard of shots from different area codes and makes have been caught on tap.

Add Vince Carter to that non-exhaustive list.  On Tuesday at Orlando’s practice facility, he saw Dwight Howard attempting trick shots from his butt, so he figured he would join in on the fun.  Little did Vince know is that he’d try an 85-foot shot from his butt and actually swish it, on camera.

Natural reaction after a shot like this is to question if it’s real, but you can tell from this video that it’s very, very real.  Vince’s reaction is shock (supplemented with the “I’m shocked I made it” victory lap).  Everything about this clip is Vincsanity.

Hat Tip Video – [SBNation]

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