Brian Westbrook Released, Will Now Worship The Prostate Of Howard Stern

Brian Westbrook ReleasedBrian Westbrook has had himself a stellar career with the Philadelphia Eagles, but now the team has decided to go in different direction.  The Eagles announced yesterday that they had released the 30-year-old running back after he had spent the last eight seasons with the team.  So what now for Westbrook?

“I look forward to a future of worshiping the prostate of Howard Stern.”

That was the response a fake Westbrook from The Howard Stern show,  gave to ESPN analyst Scott Van Pelt during a late night interview on Sportscenter.  However, after the amount of concussions that Westbrook has sustained over the past year, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that was in fact him on the phone saying such things.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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