Canada’s Shea Weber Blasts A Puck Through The Net (Video)

Canada's Shea Weber Blasts A Puck Through The NetCanada’s Men’s Olympic Hockey Team has had some difficulty at times putting the puck in the net throughout their first three games of the tournament.  And so when they finally did begin to bulge the twine last night against the Germans, it seemed as though it may have all been for not when the net was unable to hold onto a Shea Weber rocket of a slap shot from the point.  Fortunately, replays were able to catch his blast going straight through the net on what would eventually be Canada’s second goal of the night.  As you would expect, the game would turn into a blowout from there.

Canada would eventually go on to win the game by a score of 8-2, but it was Weber’s goal that will be the talk of the town.  With Canada leading 1-0 under three minutes into the second period, Weber got a hold of the puck just inside the German blue line and let go of a shot that most believe had barely missed the net, but upon further review it was clear that the puck had whistled right through it.  Once the play had stopped, the goal was reviewed and confirmed, giving Canada the 2-0 lead.

It may seem as though the goal was not an important one after the Canadians were able to add six more, but had they received an unfavorable call, who knows.  Perhaps things may have turned out much different.  Although, on second thought, that is highly unlikely.  After all, two goals were clearly not going to get it done for the Germans on this night, and they should consider themselves lucky to have even recorded that many.

As for the net which fell victim to Weber’s shot, thankfully it was not harmed as the puck managed to squeeze its way through a hole in the mesh, rather than rip it apart.  However, you can bet that all nets in Vancouver will be trembling at the sight of Shea Weber when the puck is on his stick.  Last night was just a warning.  The next net may not be so lucky.

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