Canadian Teachers Sent Home After Sexually Suggestive Pep Rally Dance

Canadian Teachers Sent Home After Sexually Suggestive Pep Rally DanceThere are several ways to increase team and school spirit.  Mascots have often done the trick, but sometimes even they can go a little too far.  Another possibility may be a good old fashion pep rally.  However, such events may also experience similar problems.

As a case in point, we take you to Winnipeg, Canada, where a couple of teachers decided that a pep rally would be the perfect time to give their students a quick lesson in Sex Ed.

During the rally, one student captured two of the school’s teachers performing a sexually suggestive dance in the middle of the gym floor, which they have since titled “Two Teachers, One Chair.”  With the music blasting and the female teacher seated on the chair, the following ensued:

In the video, an adult female wearing pigtails beckons to an adult male. He grinds up against her, thrusting suggestively and sticking his head between her legs several times. Students hoot in the background. [The Star]

Needless to say, the parents were outraged after seeing the tape, leading to the suspension (without pay) of both Churchill High School Teachers.  Now they will have plenty of time to do all the thrusting and grinding they can handle in the comfort of their own homes.

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