Soccer Goalie Delivers Lethal Drop Kick (Video)

Soccer Goalie Delivers Lethal Drop KickPeople often ask, “What is with all the kicking during soccer fights?”  But when you think about it, kicking in soccer fights makes all the sense in the world.  After all, they are soccer players.  All they do is kick!  So when Baltimore Blast goalkeeper Sagu kicked Yotsi Martinez Olvera of La RaZa de Monterrey, it could have been viewed as nothing out of the ordinary.

That is until you witness the manner in which he kicked him.

With the ball at the feet of Olvera in front of the Blast goal, Sagu was lookig to do anything he could to keep La RaZa from scoring.  Unfortunately for him, his drop kick to the knees of Olvera was not enough to prevent the the goal, but it sure did send a message to the opposing team.

Sagu was red carded and has since been suspended for the remainder of the season because of the incident.

It is not the first drop kick we have seen in a soccer game, but something this great will never get old.

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