The Stat Line of the Night – 2/23/10 – Kobe Bryant

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant has not played a basketball game since February 5th.  That’s 18 days ago.  After badly spraining his ankle before the All-Star break he was held out of play for 5 games on top of the All-Star game.  A guy who hasn’t played in that long is sure to be rusty, right?  Well Kobe Bryant isn’t just some guy, and he sure didn’t look all that rusty last night when he knocked down a game-winning 3 to beat the Grizzlies 99-98.

With 4.3 seconds on the clock and the Lakers down 1, there was really no question who was going to be getting the ball.  Even after his long layoff and with all the other talent on the team, Kobe Bryant may be the best in the league at knocking down clutch shots and you are going to put the ball in his hands.  Naturally he drained the 3.  It wasn’t just the 3 that made his night good, however.  He also scored 32 points, including the last 9 that his team scored to end the game.  He shot 13-19 and added 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocks.  The Grizzlies didn’t even know what hit them.

A performance like this might earn you the stat line honors without the game-winner but with it?  There is no question why Kobe earns the “Stat Line of the Night”.

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