Bobsledder Finds Joy In Opponent’s Crash (Video)

Bobsledder Finds Joy In Opponent's CrashOne man’s pain is another man’s joy.  That was certainly the case when a Canadian bobsled crashed during the final day of runs in the 2-man event.  But even though a crash may benefit some, the guide to proper etiquette states that it just isn’t acceptable to cheer for an opponent’s wreck.

Unfortunately, this one individual simply could not help himself.  It is not hard to understand how one’s emotions can get the better of them at such a time, and the Canadian racers were alright, so celebrating doesn’t seem all that bad.

Cheer away my friend.  You have just moved up one spot on the leaderboard!

When you begin to consider all the NSFW moments, and add in this new competitive spirit to the sport of bobsledding, perhaps we should begin to pay more attention to what many are describing as “one of the fastest events at the 2010 Olympic Games.”

Catch the celebration at the 0:46 mark.

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