Tony Skinn Uses Opponent’s Groin As Springboard For Dunk

groin dunkGetting up high enough for a dunk is simple to some, but can be quite difficult for others, and nothing is more embarrassing than falling painfully short of the your targeted height.  So what options are there for those who just can’t seem to get high enough in order to slam the ball through the rim?  How about using you opponent’s penis as a springboard?

That seemed to work for former George Mason star, Tony Skinn.  Currently playing in Europe, Skinn saw a lane to the basket, and when a member of the other team attempted to get in his way, he saw that as a possible stepping stone, rather than an obstacle.

Footage shows Skinn leaping off the ground with his left foot, then off of his opponents groin with his right foot, sending the member of the other team to the ground as Tony soared above the rim.  It is kind of like using a wall as a springboard when you are trying to jump over it, but the wall would not scream “Argh, my groing” in an agonizing manner.

Hat Tip – [With Leather]

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