Chuck Liddell and Girlfriend Prefer To Workout In The Nude (Video)

chuck naked workoutIt appears as though someone is watching former UFC champion Chuck Liddell, and what this peeper caught on camera was both disturbing and beautiful all at once.  So how can something share beauty and discomfort in a single moment?  Well, in the foreground you have a naked Liddell performing pull-ups with his back to the camera, and in the background his girlfriend, Heidi Northcott, also naked, works up a sweat  on an elliptical trainer.  You be the judge of which part is beautiful and which is discomforting.

As for those who have yet to see the footage, let me make one thing clear.  If you have any previous notions of Chuck being somewhat graceful after his stint on Dancing with the Stars, that will quickly change once you’ve seen him exercise naked.

And Heidi?  She may very well be the epitome of ‘grace in motion.’

Thankfully the nudity was blurred out, so this is both SFW, and your eyes.  Take a look and you will know what I mean.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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