Horatio Breaks Down Canada’s Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Victory

Horatio Breaks Down Canada's Men's Hockey Gold Medal Victory

With the dust settled and the Olympic Games finally at their end, you can expect every analysts in Vancouver to give their perspective on what was a storybook finals to the Men’s Hockey tournament.  Many will tell you that the Canadians were the better team and deserved to win this one.  Others will say that Canada was lucky to pull it off in overtime after surrendering the lead, and the momentum, to the Americans late in the third period.

As for C.S.I. Miami’s Horatio Caine, after a long investigation into the matter, he believes that the result was simply a matter of Canada being “on their ‘eh’ game.”

As for his next case, Horatio will be looking to get to the bottom of the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team’s post gold medal victory celebration.  Something tells me they are in for some trouble.

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