German Soccer Fan’s Feet Catch Fire (Video)

German Soccer Fan’s Feet Catch Fire

Imagine hearing a call like this at the end of a sports broadcast: “So that’ll do it here from Germany with our final score 3-2 along with 8 fans getting injured, 3 hospital visits and 2 people getting caught on fire. So long, everybody.” People catching fire? On their bodies?

This is like those old redneck jokes. If you’re feet have ever caught on fire at a sporting event, you might be a German soccer fan. Seriously, they allow people to bring in flares and other pyro-fun into stadiums? In North America we can’t bring in an open bottle of water but they can tote in bottle rockets? “Franz, watch out dear, the man in the row behind you is lighting his Roman candle.” This is insane.

It’s bad enough you have to deal with crazy, rabid face-painting fans and too-drunk fans that can’t handle their booze. But in Europe they also have to deal with pyromaniacs? This German fan must have been lit from the booze and the fire. He seems to just look at his feet as they are engulfed in flames. Yes, that is fire and you might want to stomp your feet a bit.

Hat Tip Video – [DirtyTackle]

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