Fan + Trampoline = Face Full Of Rim (Video)

trampoline face hitMany of you may have found yourself at some point during a basketball timeout saying, “how hard can it be for these mascots to perform a dunk using a trampoline?”  Heck, even I have asked myself that very same question, but after seeing this fan take a shot at it, the answer is clear.

Please don’t try this at home, or in a basketball court for that matter, else you may find yourself eating a mouth full of rim.

During a stoppage at a recent Memphis Grizzlies game, this fan was given the chance to impress the ladies in the stands, much like the mascots do night in and night out.  Unfortunately, he wont be coming away with a tonsil-hockey partner for the evening.  However, I do see a dental appointment in his near future.

When will we learn that although trampolines may look like fun, you are always only one bounce away from a disaster.

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