Is It Me, Or Does Paul Harris Look A Lot Like Devin Harris?


Having yet to play a game in the NBA, most of us are likely not all that familiar with Utah Jazz rookie guard Paul Harris, but if you are using as a reference, you may think otherwise.  That is because according to them, Paul Harris looks a lot like Devin Harris of the New Jersey Nets.  In fact, they appear to be the exact same person.

However, this is not just another case of an unbelievably good look-a-like.  Instead, it simply happens to be a minor error made by the people at, which is all the more confusing considering people barely know who Paul Harris is and what he looks like.  Unfortunately, he is not an easy guy to catch a glimpse of (when you consider the fact that he has yet to play a game in the league), so if you happened to be searching for “Harris” under the players section, you have either noticed this gaff, or perhaps just figured that Paul was Devin’s underachieving twin.

I guess was having similar problems catching a glimpse of Paul Harris, so they went with the closest option available.

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