Reebok Offers $10,000 Reward For Return Of Crosby’s Olympic Gear

Reebok Offers $10,000 Reward

NHL superstar Sidney Crosby has had himself an interesting past few weeks.  Not only did he score what may be one of the greatest goals in Canadian hockey history, but he is now responsible for one of the biggest manhunts, or should we say equipment-hunts, of the year.

Following his game winning goal in overtime of the Gold Medal game against the USA, Crosby’s equipment went missing.  Ever since that moment, the search has been on to find the Reebok gloves and stick that caused an entire nation to celebrate the night away.

Now Reebok themselves have got involved in the hunt, offering a $10,000 reward, no questions asked, for the safe return of the equipment.

“The stick and glove are priceless,” said Len Rhodes, vice president and general manager for Reebok Hockey CCM. “There’s absolutely no substitute for that exact stick and glove.”

“He’s been a very close partner of ours and a member of the Reebok hockey family,” said Rhodes. “We just wanted to do what we thought was right.”

“We don’t want to keep the stick and glove, we’d actually just like to turn it over to Sidney Crosby himself and let him decide what to do with it,” said Rhodes. []

Whether Crosby will want to keep the equipment in his own personal trophy case, or donate it to the hockey Hall of Fame is anyone’s guess, but we may never know the answer as long as its current whereabouts remain unknown.

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