Bikers Take Most Dangerous Ride Ever (Video)

Bikers Take Most Dangerous Ride EverThis video is amazing in and of itself. But it leaves me wondering — did they find some peyote up in the hills and eat it? Is someone paying them to take this ride? Are they just clinically insane? I wouldn’t even walk this trail, let alone ride a dirt bike on it.

I’m all about traveling in style, just like most big athletes. But this trail is just for the super crazy. It’s almost like these guys had a heaping helping of Ron Artest Crazy Pills. They call this the “Big Balls Trail Ride”, but if you asked me this is literally a little too much living on the edge. The trail is just about a foot wide. And it doesn’t look as if they are going all that slow either.

I suppose the biggest question is this: how long until we see these bikers with their own reality show? I’ll go ahead and guess production begins in about a week. “Death Wish Riders”…check your local listings.

Hat Tip Video – [Jalopnik]

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