Capitals Alexander Semin Shootout Fail (Video)

Capitals Alexander Semin Shootout FailYou have your highlight reel shootout goals and your lowlight reel shootout attempts.  A penalty shot (or shootout attempt) is not quite the equivalent to a wide open layup/dunk attempt in basketball, because you have to actually get it past someone, but failing to execute your move and blundering could result in the same type of humiliation.

With the Stars in the 10th spot of the Western Conference, trailing the Red Wings by four points, Dallas needed a win in a big way and they got it with a 4-3 win over the Capitals in shootout fashion.  It came with hilarity, as well.  With the shootout tied at one apiece,  Alex Semin had a chance for the Capitals to break the tie.  Unfortunately for him, he tripped over himself and went sliding to the back boards.  As Turco said after the game, it wasn’t a total train wreck because he got a shot off, but it was a pretty embarrassing miss.  It made for an awkward moment for Turco, too, who had no idea how to react to Semin’s klutziness.

A good indicator of when you’ve totally disgraced yourself in life is hearing Nelson Muntz coming out of nowhere and letting out a hearty “ha-ha!”  You can hear Nelson around the 11 second mark.  We’re pointing and laughing at you, Semin.  Go hide.

Hat Tip Video – [Puck Daddy]

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