Hot Brazilian Chicks Dig Ice Skating (Video)

Hot Brazilian Chicks on Gameshow Dig Ice SkatingGet yourself some super-hot chicks in bikinis on ice skates, a host dressed up in a french maid outfit with high heels, some wacky game show-type music and voila! Foreign TV at its finest. This moment in ridiculous TV history is brought to you by the fine people in Brazil.

The task for the girls is to ring the panties out and then bring them over to the grandmas, who will hang them up to dry. They do this on ice skates. In bikinis. This is almost as stupid as making a teddy bear for kids that is more like a perverted sex doll. Of course, even that idea makes more sense than this TV show.

I bet if you stayed tuned to that channel after that show, the next show would probably be “Pro Athletes Running Naked“. Because everyone wants to know which athlete can run the farthest naked. I’m sure we were all amazed with their, um, skills.

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