Sumo Wrestler Steals an ATM from a Moscow Shop

Sumo WrestlerYou always wondered why these sumo wrestlers gained all that weight and became the size of an elephant. Why would they need to be that big?  Why would they need to be so strong? Why not create a lightweight division?  Well now we know.

In Moscow, an enormous man that is thought to be a sumo wrestler yanked out an ATM cash machine that weighed 200 pounds, put it up on his shoulders and took off with it on his shoulders. The cash machine was said to have over 25,000 roubles in it.

But here’s the kicker: the sumo wrestler and the machine were found by police after they stopped a ‘BMW with tinted windows’ that didn’t even have license plates. What kind of BMW fits a sumo wrestler and a cash machine? What kind of moron tries to pull off such a heist in a car without license plates?

I bet it’s the same type of people that blow off fireworks and get caught on fire at soccer games, or those not-so-bright television personalities. So let this be a lesson to all you young sumo wrestlers out there. In between all that training and eating, make sure you watch some cop shows.

Hat Tip – [BBC]