South Africa Orders a Billion Condoms for World Cup

South Africa Orders a Billion Condoms for World Cup

South Africa is hosting the World Cup this summer, but that’s not the only thing they plan on hosting.  They expect a lot of sex – a billion of sex to be exact.  No, that’s not hyperbole, either.   And where there is lots of intermingling and sex, there is a slew of sexually transmitted diseases.

That’s why health ministers in South Africa have ordered a billion condoms to be sent to the country for the upcoming World Cup soccer matches.  That total is nearly double the demands in previous years and roughly ten times more what the Winter Olympics required in Vancouver. Albeit it was a much smaller supply, the Winter Olympics were in need of a refill on their intial stock, so maybe the World Cup is overly preparing for the sexy times to not make the same mistake the Olympics made — leaving genitals unbagged.

Either way, that’s a lot of expected sexual healing for the soccer players, fans, and tourists in South Africa this summer. And in the country that has the highest HIV numbers in the world, it’s not such a bad idea for the World Cup to make sure they have more than jock support on the soccer fields.

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