What’s A Baseball Fight Without The Bats? (VIDEO)

bat wieldingThey may not fight as frequently as hockey players, but we are never surprised to see a good old fashioned brawl at the ball park.  However, it appears as though they do things a bit different down South.  Those Cubans sure do know how to add some excitement to a ball game.

After all, what is a baseball fight if it doesn’t include a few bat-wielding maniacs?  Notice I said “a few”?

Bean balls are often thought of as simply part of the game of baseball, but this batter wasn’t having any of that.  So rather than take his base, he opted to chase the pitcher around the ball park, bat in hand.  With members of the orange team scrambling for cover, the maniac continued his hunt until finally reaching the outfield.  At his point it seemed as though things may be under control, and you may begin to ask youself “why didn’t anyone from the orange team come to their pitcher’s defense?”

And suddenly, a knight in shinning armour.  Well, actually it is another bat weilding maniac, this time in an orange jersey, who figured two can play this game.  Let the rumble continue!

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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