Erin Andrews New DWTS Partner Is… Dick Vitale?

erin andrews dick vitaleWith the start of the competition only a few weeks away, Erin Andrews has been getting herself ready for the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars, and it appears as though she may have found herself a new partner.  Sorry Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but it looks like your dream of dancing with this blond bombshell may not become a reality after all, thanks to Dick Vitale.

Andrews and Vitale were seen putting together a few moves on the hard court prior to the ACC semi-final match-up between the Duke Blue Devils and the Miami Hurricanes.  Although Dick seems to be getting in the swing of things, it does not appear as though the same can be said about Erin.  You can see just see the agonizing look in her eyes as she tried to escape after every twirl.

Thankfully, the 70-year-old sports reporter finally tired himself out, allowing Andrews to make her getaway, and ending this brief moment of uncomfortable touching and twisting.

Hat Tip – [The Chronicle]

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