He’s On Fire! NBA Jam 2010 Trailer (HD)

He's On Fire! NBA Jam 2010 TrailerHe’s heating up! He’s on fire! Boom-shaka-laka! From Downtown! Jams it! NBA Jam 2010 is almost here and now we get our first look at the new game from EA sports.

You always wonder if a game that came out so long ago can retain it’s authenticity and killer game play in this modern age of gaming. But after watching that trailer I have to say I am extremely stoked. It’s got all the catch phrases and all the signature moves. It also looks as if it has all the best players too.

But as a Bulls fan, I’m hoping one thing has changed. The creator of NBA Jam, Mark Turnell, confirmed that the original version of the game basically screwed you if you were playing as the Chicago Bulls. Turnell is a Detroit Pistons fan and he admitted that the game had a special code that made the Bulls miss last-second shots in close games against his beloved Pistons. Now that the Pistons suck, no code can help them.

If they can still make some tweaks to the game, I hope they can add a jam like this one. But they should probably leave out this one. The new NBA Jam 2010 will be out in December.

Hat Tip Video – [SBNation]

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