Steve Nash Gives Robin Lopez His Balls Talk (Video)

Steve Nash Gives Robin Lopez His Balls TalkI’ve always been a big fan of Steve Nash.  I used to play point guard for an AAU team and had long hair just like him.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t good enough for people to catch on to the slight similarities in looks and call me Steve Nash, but I still liked him nonetheless.  My affinity for the Canadian guard celebrity grew even more when his first video (or at least the first one I saw) came out asking his fans to vote for him for the All-Star game — a video in which he shows clips of himself turning the ball over more than Allen Iverson.  Since then, he’s put together a bunch of classic clips, but none better probably than his most recent: balls talk.

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking about.  He talks to people and tries to get his balls (aka his package, his scrotum, his junk, I think you get the picture) as uncomfortably close to them as possible.  In this clip, after a short intro shows his teammates shying away from him as he walks down the aisle of the plane, Nash finally thrusts his grapes upon Robin Lopez while he enjoys a nice, unfulfilling, airline meal.  Hilarity definitely ensues, and spoiler: Robin Lopez does not finish his weiner.

Hat Tip Vide0 – [Detroit4lyfe]

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