Streaker Hits the Dog Show (PICS)

Streaker Hits the Dog Show

What a world we live in. We’ve had streakers at all sorts of different sporting events. They’ve flaunted their nakedness at soccer and tennis matches, football and baseball games and more. The streakers must have initiated a new marketing plan. Because we just had our first streaker at…the Dog Show. Seriously.

As the crowd and the competitors watched all those bitches on display, a portly man known as “The Captain” strutted into the arena at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham in the UK.

Zigging and zagging away from security, the man had a website written on his upper torso and a little cat mask covering his kibbles and bits. He was neither as pretty as the dogs in the contest, nor was he as quick on his feet. It didn’t take long for the security to capture him and escort him out, presumably to a nearby jail. The contest went on as scheduled.

I’m pretty sure the crowd laughed at him, as no one was moved to start making out in their seats. This was almost as awful as seeing Greg Oden in the raw.

But what’s weirder: that he chose to streak at the dog show or that he still wore socks and his watch to perform the deed?

Streaker Hits the Dog Show

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