Obama’s Bracket Has Kansas Taking The Title (w/Video)

obama's bracket

With the beginning of the NCAA March Madness Tournament set to kick off tomorrow, everyone is rushing to get their final brackets in.  It can take some time figuring out which teams will be able to pull off the upset, and which top-ranked teams will put together a good run.  Analyzing a bracket can be tough, but everyone seems to find the time to do it.

Even President Obama.

The United States of America’s main man was ready to get back at it once again, after successfully picking North Carolina to take home the crown last year.  So who does he have in his Final Four this time around?  How about Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, and Villanova, with Kansas beating Kentucky in the final.  Seems like a pretty conservative approach for a Democrat, but I guess when it comes to filling a bracket, politics are not an issue with the President.

Here is a look at Obama breaking down his picks all the way to the final game.

Hat Tip – [Huffington Post]

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