Floyd “Money” Mayweather Sure Loves His Money

floyd money mayweather

His nickname isn’t “Money” for nothing!

If there is one thing that is for sure about Floyd MayweatherJr., it is that the only thing he loves more than his money is himself.  So when boxing’s pound-for-pound top dog turned 33 less than a month ago, he threw himself quite the bash, and as you would expect, a few of his best friend(s) were in attendance as well…

His stacks of money!  And by the way Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth is estimated at $90 million

Mayweather even took the time to get in a picture with his dearest companions (about $600,000 of them).  Not too many people would feel safe walking around with that much cash on them, but I guess when you make a living by knocking people out with your fists, not much scares you.

For more pics of Mayweather’s birthday bash, check out FloydMayweather.com.

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