Picture Of The Day: Tire Burn

Tire Burn

I once won a bicycle that was from Wal-Mart at a stag.  After winning the bike, I decided to take it for a ride, but it was not long before I found myself laying on the asphalt after the pedal snapped off.  Lesson of the day?  If you intend on riding your bicycle, you may not want to buy a cheap one, or you will undoubtedly suffer the consequences at some point.

I must say, I did learn my lesson, but I learned it the easy way.  This guy, on the other hand, learned that very same lesson, but in a much more painful fashion.

Maintaining you balance on two wheels is difficult enough for some people, but when your bicycle is only moments away from snapping in half, it is simply a disaster waiting to happen.  Nobody wants to find out how rubber tastes, especially not this way!

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