South Park’s Tiger Woods Spoof May Be The Greatest Yet!

South Park’s Tiger Woods Spoof May Be The Greatest Yet!

Even after all that Tiger Woods has been through and done to damage his image, EA Sports has decided to stick by the world’s top golfer, keeping him on as the cover boy for their yearly Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game.  However, if they would like to continue providing their customers with the most realistic Tiger Woods golf experience, they may want to make a few adjustments.

And if they are looking for some new ideas, they may want to check out this episode of South Park.

Just when it seems as though the creative writers of the Comedy Central cartoon were simply reenacting the incident in Tiger’s home the night of his crash, we are informed that it is actually Kenny and Cartman playing the latest version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and they didn’t miss out on any of the details.

Forget about the golfing!  This version of the game not only allows players to play out Tiger’s life, but you can also take on the part of Elin and go fishing for more phone numbers, or attack Tiger with the golf club of your choice.  If you thought golf games were boring, think again!

Hat Tip – [PopCrunch]

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