Trampoline Dunk Shatters The Backboard (Video)

Trampoline Dunk Shatters The BackboardThere is something about the combination of a trampoline and a basketball net that is irresistible.  It takes me back to my days in elementary school, when I used to dream about dunking on the gymnasium nets.  Of course, it was just a dream, as doing so would be impossible, unless of course I had a trampoline to help me out!

Fortunately, this kid did have the luxury of gaining that added spring in his step, and not only did he get the opportunity to dunk, but he actually got to take down the backboard in the process.

My only question is, “what’s with the reaction?”  This kid looks like he just saw a ghost!  You would expect to see someone that young celebrating his most recent achievement, but it seems as though this boy is thinking ahead, to the punishment he has coming his way for damaging school property.

Maybe it is a good thing I never had a trampoline around in my school gym back then.

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