Picture Of the Day: The Glory Days

Glory Days

One city was completely united by its basketball team for 6 years.  In Chicago, there are a lot of divisions.  North Side vs. South Side, downtown vs. the neighborhoods, racial tensions, etc.  Between 1990 and 1998, that all seemed to disappear every October and the harmony lasted well into June.  It was the local professional basketball team that did it.

The Chicago Bulls were the greatest NBA team of all time, and the duo of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were what made the team tick.  Jordan — the greatest to ever play the game — made the game into a beautiful symphony that you couldn’t turn away from.  He sold out road arenas with his acrobatic dunks and mind-numbing game-winners.  Scottie Pippen — the greatest defender to ever play the game — redefined his position and the game of basketball by changing what people expected from a forward.

Can you tell I was about 12 years old and lived in Chicago during the two 3-peats?

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