Erin Andrews’ Shows Off Her Naughty Moves On DWTS (Video)

Erin Andrews' Shows Off Her Naughty Moves On DWTSI didn’t watch Dancing With the Stars last night, and I won’t ever, but that doesn’t mean I will neglect glossing over some of the highlights throughout the interwebs.

Of course, the major draw to the show for most people is a certain ESPN reporter, one Erin Andrews, who we’ve all seen naked already anyway.  Men around the nation just can’t get them enough EA, baby, so when she announced she’d be on the show, the world lost its mind and pants.

As everyone expected, she did not disappoint with her debut last night on the ABC show that features other stars this season, such as Chad Ocho Cinco and Pamela Anderson (if you can still call her that).  If you watched the episode in its entirety you got to see Andrews in all her (clothed) hotness, twirling about in a sexy yellow dress, but the best part undoubtedly had to be the following looped clip of her giving her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the “I’d like to make this our last dance, so we can then take it to the bedroom” eyes.

Like others, I’m convinced that has happened.  I’m no ball room dancing expert, but there’s no better way to make a dance look and feel as intimate as possible than by consummating the relationship.  Seriously, there’s zero chance they haven’t knocked boots off the dance floor.  Just play this looping clip and you’ll start to believe it, too.

Here is the full Video

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